Peanut Allergy

Allergen Awareness

This is a 1-hour course that provides information about the importance of allergen awareness. Students will learn about the safety measures for preparing food and serving customers with food allergies.

Allergen Awareness Course – Learning Outcomes

  • Define food allergy
  • Identify the symptoms of an allergic reaction Identify the major food allergens
  • Examine the dangers of allergens and how to prevent cross-contact
  • Describe the proper cleaning methods to prevent allergen contamination
  • Discuss how and when to communicate to guests and staff about allergens
  • Understand the special considerations related to allergens from workstations and self-service areas
  • Explain how to handle special dietary requests
  • Discuss how to deal with emergencies, including allergic reactions
  • Discuss the importance of food labels
  • Explain how to handle food deliveries in relation to allergens
  • Examine proper food preparation for guests with food allergens
  • Discuss cleaning and personal hygiene considerations to prevent contaminating food with allergens

This training course is ANSI accredited and is an approved course that meets the Department of Public Health requirements. This is an approved course in all states. Employees should take this course within 30 days of hire, and every 3 years thereafter.

An Allergen Awareness Certificate will be issued if the student scores 75% or higher on the final assessment.  The certificate is valid for three years.

The online course is $25. The instructor-led course is $50.